Tuesday, March 16, 2010

27 Weeks 4 Days

Last week I really thought that I was going to get this posted before we left for Minnesota, but I obviously didn't get around to it. So here is it is. Oh, and we didn't even get a belly picture this weekend because we were to busy having fun with family.

I can't believe that I am in the third trimester. We really only have 10-15 weeks left! That is totally crazy and also make me feel anxious to get everything done. Having the baby shower though and feeling like we got some really good basic stuff helped us feel more prepared! This weekend we are going to try and get the dresser stripped and repainted so that we have a place to put all of that new baby stuff.

How far along? 27 Weeks 4 Day
Total weight gain: More than last time.
Maternity Clothes? Yup, the best is lounge pants.
Sleep: Really good lately, but I have also been so exhausted from all of the running around that we have been doing.
Best moment this week: Seeing family and our baby shower! It was also really fun to get home last night and go through all of the things that we got.
Movement: It is up and down. He was quiet at the end of last week and the last couple of days he has been moving around like crazy.
Food Craving: I haven't really been having any cravings, weird!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: None really.
Symptoms: Peeing a lot, a growing belly, waking up with heart burn in the middle of the night.
Belly button in or out: In, but it looks like a gaping hole if I don't wear a tank top under a tight shirt.
What I miss: Hmm...Nothing really.
What I am looking forward to: Date night. Brian and I decided that we are going to start getting date nights in before the little man comes. I realized that we only have 3 months before he is here and we want to take advantage of our time alone together!
Milestones: Hitting the third trimester!

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Mike and Sarah said...

Good idea on scheduling date nights! Mike and I have only been out twice since Miles was born 8 months ago... :)