Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two Hospital Visits in Two Months

It wasn't me this time! When I woke up on Saturday morning Brian wasn't in bed, which is sort of weird, but we have an on going joke about snoring and the couch, so I figured that I was the one who was snoring this time and he went to the couch. At about eight he came wandering back into the bedroom saying that his lower back had been hurting him and so he went out to the couch since he couldn't get comfortable in bed.

Being the caring wife that I am I asked him if I could rub it and make it feel better. He said that I could try but he wasn't sure if it was going to help. So I rubbed it and made it worse. About ten minutes later he was rolling on the floor saying that we should go into the ER, which for Brian means that something is seriously wrong. I threw in my contacts and we were off. Four hours later, a couple of shots of morphine and a CAT scan and we found out that Brian had a kidney stone.

The doctor sent us home to wait for Brian to pass it. The anticipation of having to go through more pain before the stone passed was the worst part for Brian. He was lucky because he didn't have anymore pain and the stone came out on Sunday morning.

The doctor told Brian that having a kidney stone has been compared to having birth. I said that it was so nice of him to want to know what I will be going through in a couple of months but that it was really unnecessary of him to get a kidney stone. To which he pointed out that at least with giving birth it comes in waves and isn't constant "like his pain was." He was punched (okay not really) and reminded that he was in pain for about an hour and childbirth lasts much longer than that.

P.S. Pat, I told your son multiple times to call you, but he didn't, I can only nag so much! You should call him and yell at him for not calling you!

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amy said...

that's nothing. i have been thru the doctor so much in the past 10 years they get excited when they see i am coming in for a pregnancy test... no none coming up! Then the baby has to be there every couple months for 2 years. Your just beginning! I never want to go thru what Rye did. Congrates on your stone! LOL