Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh My...

Anyone who knows me well knows that I loooooove gummy candy. Swedish fish, gummy worms, peach rings, strawberry gummies, green frogs, and most of all gummy bears. Unfortunately anything gummy gives me major heartburn these days (I think that it is all the sugar, maybe.) I still eat it because it sounds so good, but it never ends well.

Today as I was doing my normal morning checking the blogs that I follow routine I stumbled across this on, and knew that I had found my soul mate.

This is from and they say:

ZOMG! We now have the World’s Largest Gummy Bear! This is the Godzilla, the next world wonder, the champion of all candies!

Topping the scales at 5 pounds, this mammoth mass of sugar comes in a variety of flavors and is the equivalent of 1,400 regular sized gummy bears! It's BIGGER than a FOOTBALL!

With its monstrous size and at a mere 12,600 calories per gummy bear, it’s definitely not a bite-sized snack. Don't fret- it comes in a plastic storage bag so you can take a bite or two and cover it back up for future snacking.

Hand-made in the USA. Measures 5.5 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep x 9” tall.

You've just got to see & taste it to believe it!!

This is totally awesome and completely ridiculous. If you want to waste your time and find some amazingly fabulous gag gifts head on over to

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