Thursday, March 25, 2010

Birthing Class

We started going to Birthing Classes last Sunday. If you don't know this already I would like to do everything possible to have a natural birth. I would even consider doing a home birth but Brian was so uncomfortable with the idea that we didn't really even discuss it. So, I decided that I would like to go as natural as possible in the hospital. I feel like woman have been birthing children for centuries and that it is a natural process that our bodies are programed to do.

Side Note: a.) I understand that things happen that you just cannot control and b.) I might end up being a huge woos and ask for drugs the minute that the contractions hit, being as I don't know what they feel like, obviously.

Being as I would like to attempt to have as natural a birth as possible I decided that it would be good to find a birthing class that supports this and gives techniques and tips to help prepare for and manage the pain and birth. Insert expensive, semi granola-y birthing class. The teacher is awesome and their are two other couples in the classes so it is small which is nice, and all in all it seems like exactly what we were looking for. Even if we always make fun of granola-y people.

During the first class we went over diet, what we wanted from the class and our "birth experience" (hehe that sounds so hokie!) and then we worked on some relaxation technique's. It was nice to see Brian stepping up to the plate and interacting in the class. He is such an "along for the ride" kind of guy that I always love to see him taking initiative and really getting involved in things that we are doing. Makes my heart go pitter-pat...just kidding...kind of!

The homework for the class every week is practicing the relaxation at home. We tried it for the first time last night. The teacher gave us some cds to take home and use. The one we decided on last night was a meditation, relaxation cd with a woman's voice to guide you. It was to much for us, we kept on laughing...let's just say that at the end Brian said "I just couldn't feel mother earth radiating up through my feet." Bleh, gag me now!


Mike and Sarah said...

Too funny!

Amy said...

snickering...snickersing still... AAHAHHHAHAH..
LMAO.. you guys just live too far away!!! It probably sounds mean but I can't wait for you to see if you're tougher than me! Really - Good luck with the first one!!! I so do wish you the best!!!

Alexandra said...

Your nuts. We have modern medicine for reasons just like this. I mean what next, your bone breaks and you're going to like "oh no, I want it to heal naturally." haha I think its a brave and beautiful decision F'ING CRAZY but brave.

Lexi said...

If natural is the way you'd like to go I say try it! =) I wanted to go as naturally as possible, but ended up with a C-section. (I didn't even go into early signs of aggravating) I remember the 'meditation' section of our birth class. They kept wanting the guys to practice saying 'good job', 'you are so awesome'...etc. I couldn't stand it. Every time he said it I wanted to punch him! And of course the girls were supposed to graciously say 'thank you' and 'i love you' was all I could do not to gag. So, I'm there with you on that part. I liked the silent breathing and massage part though....