Friday, March 26, 2010

29 Weeks

How far along? 29 weeks
Total weight gain: I am pretending that the scale is broken. This will work until my doctor appointment on Monday.
Maternity Clothes? Oh Ya. I need some nice short sleeved shirts though, I am starting to get to hot in long sleeve shirts and tank tops don't cut it for work.
Sleep: I am still exhausted starting at about 2pm until I go to bed. This means that I have been going to bed earlier, it was 7pm last night! My sleep has still been good in general though.
Best moment this week: Going to bed at 7 last night and not having to get up until 6:15 this morning. Starting birthing classes.
Movement: He is all over the place and I am pretty sure that he flipped head down this week. All the kicks are around my belly button and I can feel hiccups realllllly low...which is totally weird. Oh, and I can now see just about every kick from the outside, which is fun!
Food Craving: No real major ones this week.
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: None.
Symptoms: Fatigue and I am really uncomfortable by the time I get home.
Belly button in or out: Large gaping innie.
What I miss: The summer! I can't wait! I think that I even talked Brian into taking me camping once before we have the baby. Of course, only if it is warm enough and somewhere that is close enough to go to the hospital if we need to. I can't wait! I am so weird!
What I am looking forward to: Easter, my 2nd shower, being 30 weeks.
Milestones: I have my Gestational Diabetes test on Monday during our doctor appointment, does that count? I am trying not to be nervous but I really hope that I pass. I mean, I still have like 8 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to eat!

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