Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Enjoying the Sunshine

Brian and I had a pretty busy weekend. On Friday night we went to resort a couple of hours away, so that Brian could accept an award for the fire department early Saturday morning. We decided to take the scenic route home on Saturday and ended up eating lunch at the Willow creek cafe.

The town of Willow Creek had a population of 209 people in 2000, it might be less now. The cafe is known for it's ribs, if you go there for dinner you HAVE to have reservations. The town feels like it is in the middle of nowhere. Neither of us had ever been to Willow Creek so we were just following the signs. They had us turn down this road:

We laughed pretty hard. While I knew that Willow Creek was small and felt like it was in the middle of nowhere I was expecting a paved road. We actually turned down the this road, turned back onto the main road and then decided to chance it and turned back down the dirt road to see where it would take us. We made it into town, we just took the back way!

On Sunday we went fishing with these fine people.

Jen and Jake have become great friends of ours and are always up for a day of fun. On Sunday they let us join them on their boat. We went to Livingston and fished the Yellowstone right through town and down a couple more miles. The day was beautiful while the sun decided to stay out. While I like fishing I also love just laying in the sun by the river.

Jenni is amazing and rowed pretty much all day so that the boys could fish. I sat their most of the day and enjoyed the ride

I did get in and fish a little bit. The waiters still fit even though I bet they won't for much longer!

The fishing was slow. The boys each caught a fish. This is Brian's trout that he caught. The best part of this picture, besides my attractive husband, of course. Is the ring on his finger. I don't know why but every time I see a picture and notice the ring on his finger my heart skips a beat. It's!

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Amy said...

you're awesome. this explains a lot. (I was wondering how you knew your waiters still fit!) The ring thing never goes away! (I don't know how wives of husbands that can't or don't wear their rings do it!) After 10 1/2 yrs I still catch a glimpse or that shiny gold on tim's finger whenever I can! (This also makes me still feel bad for losing my first & then going 2 yrs without one!) All that's better now! ;) See you in 1 week!!!!!!!!!!!!!