Thursday, January 28, 2010

Feeling a Little Dramatic...

Our big ultrasound is on Monday and I am actually getting little butterflies when I think about it...I mean come on the sex of this baby will (here is the drama) determine the REST of our lives! And it means that I get to start shopping for clothes, I have been restraining myself from this and it is time to let loose. I wonder if I can even talk Brian into going to "look" at baby stuff after the ultrasound. Or maybe I will leave him at home!

Here is a random list of why I might be feeling giddy and dramatic right now (in case you didn't already think I was a little off, here it the proof):

1.) It is my Friday after a two day work week, before a 4 day weekend, after a three day trip to Vegas, kapish?
2.) I keep on getting really cranky argumentative people at the window at work (cranky mostly about parking tickets or pass prices). While this sometimes makes me crabby, today I really just want to look at them and say, "no really you are being ridiculous." I almost feel like arguing even more with them and egging them on just to push buttons for the fun of it...but I am professional (sort of) and am trying to be understanding and not push least to far...!
3.) The elevator guy said to me today, "Wow! Your hair looks really good! It's different since the last time I was in." Um OK? Because I haven't had it cut since December, and I have frizzy greasy pregnancy hair, thanks though! Awkward.
4.) I get to sleep in tomorrow while Brian has to get up and get ready for work, and then I am going to lay in bed all day and eat bonbons...and call Brian and tell him that I have cravings for random things just see if he will actually go and get them for me (I am not always this evil, just sometimes, and I won't actually lay in bed all day, maybe)!
5.) Farkle on Facebook is very addicting, I have wasted a lot of hours at work playing it. If you don't know what I am talking about their is a link on my Facebook page right now, just be warned, it is a black hole.

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