Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pregnant in Vegas: A List

You know you are pregnant in Vegas when:

1.) You realize that you have peed in every hotel on the strip without even trying to. Consequently you are always checking for the closest bathroom.

2.) While looking at a thirty dollar box of chocolates you wonder if the flavors really taste like they are supposed to: Pina Colada, Mojito, Daiquiri...etc. Because if they do it is totally worth the price.

3.) You wonder how many virgin types of drinks you can order from the same bar without looking like a desperate teenager trying to look cool.

4.) Laying in bed next to your husband at 7pm with room service and a dumb movie on sounds way better than gambling, hanging out at the clubs/bars, walking the strip, or doing anything that requires any sort of energy.

5.) The number of pregnant woman you see can be counted, two...two fingers.

6.) You check the directory at every mall/hotel to see if they have a.) maternity clothing stores b.) any sort of store that is child related. You luck out twice.

7.) You walk in a maternity clothing store and walk right back out because the cute shirt in the window is $225.00 and your husband now needs to be hooked up to an AED.

8.) There is a ton of great food everywhere but you have just walked an extra mile because all you want is Sushi and Mexican, the same things that you have been craving and eating your whole pregnancy.

9.) You realize how much money you are saving by not drinking because your husband's 2 beers were half of the restaurant bill.

10.) You are reminded once again how great you husband is because he spent a lot of time waiting outside of bathrooms over the weekend, ate sushi and Mexican...again and...again, cuddled with you in the hotel room at 7pm, was willing to be dragged into every maternity store on the strip, only had a couple of beers with every meal, and he laughed and smiled through it all.


Mike and Sarah said...

So true! Sounds like you had a wonderful babymoon in Vegas! I think every pregnant woman has that moment like - am I the only pregnant woman here? My moment was at the Britney Spears concert... I wonder if Miles will like Britney when he gets older? :)

Jessica, Curt, Hunter and Ian said...

LOL! I love it! I'm a 911 dispatcher in Iowa and my bf is a full time firefighter - I feel the SAME way!! But he is such a good sport because he goes along with pretty much everything! He said he'd even start doing my pregnancy pilates with me if it'd make me happy :-)

taogosdl said...

OH MAN IF I COULD HAVE ONLY SEEN MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes, Tim has suffered (I MEAN paternally enjoyed)all that too. I will probably never go into a maturnity shop again after going into one in Maple Grove: unbelievable prices!?! XXL sizes & elastic waitsbands are just fine with me! :)