Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monday Morning= Drag Your Ass Out of Bed

Good Lord! I had a hard time getting up this morning. Once I was actually out of bed I felt better. Now I am at work with a cup of amazing Chai and wondering how I am going to make it through a whole day with a.) a happy attitude (which I have been trying really hard to have) and b.) with no nap! I went to bed at a decent I don't know what's got my goat, or what goat took my energy...oh that would be the one growing in my ute.

We had a good weekend. We looked for a dresser for Brian on Saturday. Did you know you can by two cribs for the price of a semi decent dresser? It is ridiculous. And of course, because I am me, it can't be any old dresser it has to be one that semi matches with what we already have, and will last a long time (which I don't think is that unreasonable.) However, this means that we will have to spend $25o to...well lets just say A LOT more than we can afford. Needless to say, we didn't come home with a dresser.

On Sunday we went to church for the fist time in an embarrassingly long time. Amazingly enough though the pastor remembered us and we ran into someone that we know. We both like the church and are going to make a very strong effort to go on a regular basis. While I am still not sure that my heart is in it (hopefully that will come with time), it is very important to Brian and I that our children are raised in the church and are baptised and loved/involved in a church family.

Yesterday, I had a massage (amazing!), pretended to attempt to to clean the house, and laid in bed and watched trashy TV. It was great. My mom and sister showed up in the evening and we went to Fiesta Mexicana for dinner. Yummy. Then Brian and I introduced Ali to a little something called Super Mario Brothers for the Wii. Which is the best game ever! Good enough that we played it with friends on Sunday night, and went out and bought it on Monday because we couldn't live without it, obviously.

Today my sister went back to college in Texas. I hope that she has a great semester filled with good strong friends and great classes. I am so proud of her for plugging through everything that has gone on in the last ten months and sticking to what she knew she wanted and making the best of the situation.

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