Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Love A Good Deal!

So I am either really bored or have a lot to say today, because here is my second blog entry!

Have you noticed how high priced baby stuff is these days? I think I have mentioned it before but it is outrageous! We have decided to use Brian's old dresser in Baby's room and I have found a crib that I like that is $125.00 at Walmart. Since the dresser can't double as a changing table we thought that we would buy one. I figured that if I can find a new crib for $125 that finding a changing table for $40-$60 should be a breeze. Yeah. No. Changing tables cost just as much as the crib! Bah! So we decided if we found a good deal on a used one we would buy it. If not we would do what Brian's sister does (and honestly what I think most parents end up doing at some point) and get a basket for supplies and change Baby on the floor in whatever room we are in.

However, we have found a couple of what I feel like are good deals. We got a baby carrier for hiking for $15 off of craigslist. We don't hike a ton but for $15 now we will have one whenever we want to go! I also found a light weight stroller that fully reclines for an infant that I really love for $70 online instead of the $149 that the baby store here in town was telling us. I also just found a great glider on craigslist for $150 that is normally upwards of $300. I feel pretty good about what we have bought so far.

I have almost an obsession with researching and finding good deals on stuff. I was the same way when I planned our wedding and am the same way with Christmas and birthday gifts. There is something about the satisfaction of finding a great deal!

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Mike and Sarah said...

I highly recommend the Baby Bargains book -although it's a bear to read it has a lot of practical tips and advice for what you really need and what you don't really need. It also serves as a consumer reports guide for all things baby!