Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ice Fishing

This weekend we went ice fishing with some friends of ours. I am not normally one to be all gung ho about ice fishing, but we had a blast. Jen and Jake are so fun and so much like us that it is hard not to have a good time with them around. We enjoyed the the bright shinning sun and the relatively warm weather, pulled a couple of fish up from under the ice and had an awesome fire. The afternoon couldn't have been better. We even found out that for pregnant woman hot chocolate can be rewarmed up in an empty beer bottle that is stuck in the fire (I was not the genius that thought of this, but was very excited that I got to benefit from nice warm hot chocolate!)

For some reason I am always surprised at how breathtakingly beautiful Hyalite reservoir is. These pictures were taken with my camera phone because once again I forgot my camera so they don't really do the day justice, but it was gorgeous.
The rest of the weekend was busy, busy. We house sat/babysat over night for some family friends on Friday until late on Saturday evening. The kids were great as always. Unfortunately we never have very good luck with their animals. The neighbors dog got into the chicken coop and killed 14 of their 18 chickens on Saturday morning. I felt SOOO bad. Their wasn't really anything that we could have done but it was still horrible. After breakfast we had to go down and put all of the chickens into bags and bury them in the snow so that the family could hopefully salvage some of the meat. The chicken coop was like a war zone. All I can say is it was good that Brian was there, because I definately couldn't have handled it on my own.
Monday we spent cleaning out the cars and the house and trying to relax at least a little. We finally found a place for our bookshelf that was in the nursery and got all of the books off of the floor in there and onto the shelves. I think that I might be able to tackle the mound that is the "office" and desk area this week, and get all of that out of the room. Then we should be pretty much ready to start painting. I just have to pick a color....


Mike and Sarah said...

How horrible about the chickens! I don't think I could have even looked at them. sarah

amy said...

I won't even share our latest chicken story to save everyone's lunch! :)
life with animals, i guess.