Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Bedding

I am at work and have been here since 5 am. I decided to be productive with my extra couple of hours at work and look at more fabric for crib bedding. I have been going back and forth trying to decide whether or not to just buy bedding or do it myself. I found some bedding that wasn't to bad so we added it to the registry, and I figured if someone bought it then great if not then we would go from their.

This morning I found the perfect fabric and so now I have finally decided that I am going to just make my own, or maybe get my mom's friend to sew it for me! Here is the fabric...

This will be the bumper fabric. I would also like to cover the cushions on the glider with this fabric but I don't know how that would actually work, they seem sort of complicated.

This will be the Crib skirt fabric and probably a window valence.

This is the crib that we have picked out. I am excited for the gray walls, the white furniture and the bedding. I can't wait to see what it all looks like!


Lexi said...

So sweet!! =) If I lived closer, I'd help you out with the bedding. I sew a lot. I've found that I don't do so well with 'helping out' though if I'm not in the same town. I get sidetracked. But the fabric looks great!! =) Covering cushions can be a pain if you want the look that has a band of fabric that runs along the edges (I'm sorry, I'm not up on the technical term for it). If you just want them covered though it can be easier. Another idea: make some throw pillows and a small lap quilt to go on the chair and see if you can't buy the cushions for the chair as a white/cream...or some other color that will work in your color scheme. MWah!!

Brittany and Brian said...

Aw...that would be really fun if you were here and we could work on it together! The cushions on the glider are a classic baby boy blue color, so they shouldn't look to bad, but the chair is used and even though we washed the covers there are still some spots. It really isn't that bad. In a perfect world though I would love to have it match in the same fabric.