Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Misery and Belly Buttons

I think I have hit that stage where I am starving all the time. Unfortunately I haven't found the best way to cure the hunger. Yesterday afternoon I tried to have a "snack" before dinner of chips and salsa. I was still starving so then we ordered Chinese for dinner. I had half a plate of Chinese and felt like I was going to EXPLODE, and I mean my belly was stretching so bad, I felt like this lady.

(Really all I can say is OH MY GOD! And I realize that no other clothes would fit, but who would wear a bikini when you belly looks like this?)

On a different note, while I was in pain because I ate way to much I noticed that my bellybutton is totally stretched to the max, like on the inside, very weird. I tried to show Brian, but he has this weird anti bellybutton thing. He can't stand it when I act like I am going to put my finger in his bellybutton and he freaks out when I actually do it. Once tried to do it when he was sleeping because he was snoring and he actually groaned and twitched. He was totally creeped out when I told him in the morning what happened...I am evil!

Anyway this anti bellybutton thing means that he can't even watch me put my finger in my bellybutton, or listen to me talk about all the crazy things going on with it without getting the hebejeebies. So I have no sympathy/comradery with anything going on in my belly button. Poor me! Where is my sister or mom when I need someone else to annoy/creep out?

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Amy said...

Oh boy does that man need to get a backbone?! (I'm sure he loves you writing these thngs as much as Tim likes me posting stuff about him.)
Anyways, I was thinking what is Brian going to do when helping you deliver that "baby pushing from the inside of the belly button"?! This is nothing! Then the thought crossed my mind - has he helped deliver a baby before in his line of work?!! If not GOOD! If yes, then he is a good guy but a cheater since that first experience should be getting your beautiful significant other through that! :) I don't care what anyone says if you're hungry the baby needs food. Sure there is a limit but a variety is great when pregnant so eat up! I don't know where you found that bikini lady picture but that is barely real from my experience - there would be so many stretch marks on her she'd look like a zebra! (sore spot... sorry!) Time to go... another poopy diaper to change... (I would have bet money that your belly button would've ended up not in any more... no matter how far in it started. Some things have to be seen to believe!) :)