Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's A.....


He Has his feet over his head and you can see a
little row of toes and then the hand below that!
I already think that he is completely adorable!

Brian and I are so excited that we will be welcoming a son into our family in June. I had an intuition all along that baby was a boy. Seeing him on the ultrasound though and knowing that he was actually a he was sort of shocking. I think that I am still adjusting to the thought of a boy.

It was so neat to see him on the ultrasound again. Yesterday he was sleeping and curled up so the ultrasound tech was having a hard time getting good pictures of him. I had to get up and move around and the tech had to end up tilting the bed toward my head to try and get him to move. He barely moved. So we got to go back in this morning and see him again before the doctor's appointment to try and get the shots she needed. This morning he was in a great position and we got some really good pictures.

He seemed so much more real when we got to see him reacting to what the tech was doing. Like putting his hand in front of his face when the tech pushed in hard and other things. The tech said that he looked great and healthy and everything is measuring right on time with growth and all that good stuff. When we got done and were waiting for the doctor I was telling Brian that the next time we see our baby will be when he comes out in June. How weird and exciting and scary!

The rest of our weekend was pretty uneventful. We stayed home most of the weekend cleaning and working on little projects around the house. We must have done 9 loads of laundry on Saturday. It was one of those weeks when all the sheets and other little things needed to be washed. If felt good to get so much done around the house

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