Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day

We have officially decided to do nothing for Valentine's day. However, I did tell Brian that if he wanted to "surprise" me with amazing chocolate's from a specific chocolatier in town (don't worry, I told him where the store was) I would be a very happy woman. I will probably also get him a little something, like chocolates from a specific chocolatier in town, so I can eat half the box, just kidding, I will get my own box.

We are going to have a special Valentine's day dinner at home though. I am excited to cook, I haven't cooked very many big yummy meals since I got knocked up. No energy and feeling crappy means the kitchen is the last place I want to hangout. Two weekends ago I made a rack of lamb with roasted potatoes and chocolate souffles. I was really excited to sit down and eat a great meal with Brian. Just as I was pulling the lamb out of the oven Brian got a fire call. The lamb was excellent but I ate it all alone. The call ended up just being a bonfire in someone's backyard, so he came home within 45 minutes but I was still really disappointed! And the souffles, they were a disaster, they bubbled over and didn't really rise, and then I burnt them, really bad.

Hopefully the Valentine's dinner will go better. Brian requested ribs and Czech dumplings. I was thinking this rib recipe from The Pioneer Woman, the dumpling's, and some yummy veggie that I have yet to decide. I am also going to try to attempt some sort of desert. I was thinking a heart shaped chocolate torte or cake...or something. If you know of a good, fun recipe let me know!

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