Friday, February 26, 2010

A Visit to Labor and Delivery

We had an interesting night last night. We decided that it would be fun to take a trip to labor and delivery. I had been feeling tired and achy all day yesterday and had a couple of Braxton Hicks contractions throughout the day. To make a long story short I ended up calling my doctor after having six in and hour (like she told us to do). The doctor said that she was at the hospital but told us to wait another hour and if they continued to come in. At about 8:15 I started to get lower back pain and the contractions hadn't stopped so we headed in.

Everything turned out to be fine. I got poked and prodded and had a whole bunch of tests ran. They all came back totally okay. I have to drink a lot of water and try to take it easy this weekend, but no bed rest or anything.

The doctor that was on call ended up being our OB so that was reassuring. Brian and I got put right into a labor and delivery room. Brian had never been in one so it was funny watch him experience that. I had been in the Bozeman L&D rooms for family/friend births in the last two years. He keep on asking me what things were for and peering around corners looking at stuff. We will do a tour of the hospital at some point but it was nice to get a small preview of whats to come. Everyone was nice and we didn't even have to fill out a single sheet of paperwork (I am not sure how that happened but it was nice!)

The whole time we were in there they were monitoring Garrett's heartbeat along with the contractions. It was neat to get to hear the heartbeat so much and hear him moving around. Once I relaxed and we got settled in Garrett started moving around a lot and was actually kicking enough that we could see the monitors and the band holding them on my belly move, I haven't gotten a chance to have him kick that much and actually see it from the outside.

All in all it wasn't the awful experience that I thought going into L&D early was going to be. I am sure part of that is that everything turned out to be okay. It was way more stressful deciding whether or not to go in than it was actually being there. We were glad that we went in and made sure everything was fine.

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Lexi said...

It's always good to have the reassurance. =) When in doubt call and/or go in! That was my doc's favorite thing to say. I'm glad everything was okay. Anya hated the fetal monitors...she did everything she could to kick them off from the inside. I had to have fetal monitoring once a week for the last 6.